Friday, March 26, 2010

Safeway run

I just had to get some more of these great Michael Angelo's single serving frozen meals these are so yummy!

(10) Micheael Angelo's single serve frozen entree's $2.50 each
  • -(5) B1G1 Michael Angelo single serve frozen entree's from here

Final price $12.50 plus you get back a $10.00 Catalina from the Chill Promotion

(2) Betty Crocker Cake Mix .69 each

  • -(2) .75/1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix from Cellfire here

Final price .12 overage

(2) Betty Crocker Brownie Mix .69 each

  • -(1) $1/2 from recent home mailer

Final price $1.38

(1) Yoplait delight $2.50 each

  • -($2.00) cellfire ecoupons here
  • -(.50) Yoplait delights from the 3/21 SS

final price free

(1) Betty Crocker Delights $1.69 each

  • -($2.00) ecoupon here
  • -(.50) ecoupon here
  • -(.50) Betty Crocker Delight here

final price $1.31 overage

Holiday Cookies $2/3

  • -($3.75) ecoupons from here
  • -($1.50) ecoupons from here

final price $2.25 overage

Fiber One Yorgurt $1.25 on price cut (peach)

  • -(2) ecoupons from here
  • -(1) Fiber One from here

Final price $1.75 overage

Robin eggs .99 each

-(1) 2/3 from here

Final price .33 each

Cuties 2.99 for 3lbs

Safeway bread .89

In this picture I have 6 Betty Crocker Cake mixes and 6 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix, I did three transactions to get these and used 3 different Safeway cards. (Mine, my husbands and my daughters).

My totall OOP was 14.04 and I got back a $10.00 Catalina from the Chill Promation.


  1. Good job on your first posting. Better get going on some more. :-)

  2. Michele was telling me about one of your Safeway runs and how the cashier was saying that there is a Coupon Ring going around and getting free stuff? I laughed so hard, little did they know they were talking to the ring leader!