Monday, May 31, 2010

Doublers shopping

I just sat down and figured out my savings from my 3 hours shopping trip and I was so excited and exhausted! I calculated using the sale prices not the regular store price because I probably would have bought it anyway if it was one sale. Before coupons I would have spent $108.62 with coupons I spent $27.73 and walked away with a $3.00 catalina. I'm not going to post a picture of everything I got because that is not the point of this post. My point is that I worked hard to save our family money and that if you average out the savings of $80.89 than I made $26.96 and hour. That is a darn good wage for a part time job don't you think. Have you ever figured out what you make an hours?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fred Meyer

(4) MCP Sure Jell $1.69 each
(3) 5 lbs Fred Meyer Sugar $2.79 each
subtotal = $15.13

-(4) $1/1 MCP Sure Jell from the 5/16 SS
-(2) $2.00 off sugar when you buy 2 sure jell
-(1) $2.79 Free sugar 5 lb bag of Fred Meyer sugar when you purchase 4 sure jell in one tx in Fred Meyer monthly book
-(1) $3.00 Catalina for buying 4 sure jell (thanks Michele)
Final OOP $1.34 and get back another $3.00 Catalina

I rolled this $3.00 Catalina 3 more times to end up with

60 lbs of sugar
16 boxes of MCP Sure Jell
Final OOP $5.36

Walgreens Highlight

Ok as you all know I swore off Walgreens a couple of months ago however... there are a couple of deals that intrigue me this week

Luster 7 White Toothpaste 2.6 oz $5
Use $5/1 SS-5/9 Did not get locally, but still a good deal without!
Get $5 RR
Final price $5 MONEYMAKER!

Ecotrin Aspirin 45 ct $2
Use $2/1 RP-5/16 also $2/1 in the May Safeway booklet
Get $2 RR
Final price $2 MONEYMAKER!

U by Kotex Feminine Care $3.49
Use $1/1 SS-4/18
Get $2.50 RR
Final price FREE!

Albertons Solo patriot plate

I'm embarrassed to admit it but all these deals are making me lose sleep lol I went to Albertsons early this morning to get this deal.

(3) Solo patriot plates $1.50 each
subtotal $4.50

-(2) .75 printable from here
-(1) $3.00 catalina from previous transaction
= .39 which is all tax

I rolled this 2 more times for a total OOP of $1.17 and walked away with a $3.00 catalina.

The really nice part of this is that I didn't have to use any doublers so I can save those for ALL the other thing I want :)

Thanks happy2bfrugal

Friday, May 28, 2010

Albertson Kraft Promo and Sharing Catalina's with friends

I have been trying to figure out scenario's all day long I just knew there had to be a good one with all the Catalina's Promotions going on in conjunction with the Kraft Spend $25 get $5 off OYNO.

(5) Cool Whip $1.00 each
(4) Shake and bake $2.00 each
(1) Kraft Mac and Cheese Explosion .99
(4) Kraft Dressing $2.19 each
(2) Kraft BBQ $1.19 each
(1) Kraft 100 cal cheese bites $2.99
(1) 2 liter Pepsi (husbands request)
Subtotal= $29.37

-(4) .75 Shake and Bake
-(1) .99 Free Cheese explosion from Kraft First taste home mailer
-(2) .55 Kraft Dressing from the 5/2 SS
-(2) 1.00 Kraft dressing from tear pad found at Albies
-(2) $5.00 catalina's (one borrowed from my friend Leslie THANKS)
-(1) $3.00 catalina (also borrowed from Leslie)
-(2) $2.00 survey
-(1) $3.00 save instantly for purchasing Kraft dressing and BBQ sauce
Total OOP was $1.29

AND I got back...
$3.00 cat for the the cool whip
$3.00 cat for the shake and bake
$3.00 cat for the Kraft Dressing
$5.00 cat for the Kraft $25 get $5
for a total of $14.00 in cats. I started with a $5.00 Cat and a $2.00 survey and after I gave back the borrowed Cat's I still ended up with $6.00 in Cat's.

I then gave my 2 $3.00 Cat's to my friend Leslie and she it the same tx and then of coarse she returned them!
I LOVE the beauty of sharing Cat's it is such a benefit to both couponholics!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fred Meyer and Albertson's Doublers

I can't even tell you how excited I am that we are getting doublers this Sunday!
I'm sure that there will be a lot of great deals but this one I just can't wait to do!

(3) $1.00/1 Sure Jell $1.79
(1) 5 lbs Sugar $2.69 (I called an this is what they told me)

-(3) $1.00 Sure Jell from 5/16 SS
-(3) Albertons doublers
-(1) $2.00 of any sugar when you buy 2 Sure Jell's (found at Albertsons)
Final price = .06
PLUS you will get back a $2.00 Catalina for buying 3 Sure Jell

This is a great little $1.94 money maker!
You also could roll this again and only use 1 Abertsons doubler and still only
pay .06 and get back another cat!

I love making jam and to get the Sure Jell and the Sugar Free will make the jam even better!

Albertson's Kraft promotion

I was at Albie's last night and noticed that they had quite a few of the Kraft Cheese 8oz blocks with a $2.00 Manger Special sticker on them and the price was $3.49 so I thought hmmm.... if I wait until tomorrow then they will be $2.49 and I could pick them up for only .49 each. Well I went early this morning and they were marked as part of the Kraft promo so this is what I did.

(7) 8 oz Kraft Sharp Cheddar Cheese blocks $2.49 each
(1) 8 oz Kraft Colby Monterey Jack $2.49 each
(2) 100 Calorie Snack Packs $2.49 each
(1) Kraft BBQ $1.19 each

-(7) $2.00 Manager special sticker
-(1) $1.00 Manager special sticker
-(1) B1G1 free 100 calorie packs (facebook)
- $5.00 off when you reach 5000 points with your Albies Card
Final OOP $3.60 AND got back my $5.00 Kraft Cat!!!

So I only need to spend about $4.00 more and I will be able to send in for the Kraft Rebate spend $30.00 get back $10.00.

Also my cat took a REALLY long time to print so you might want to wait a few minutes if yours doesn't print right away.