Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fred Meyer and Albertson's Doublers

I can't even tell you how excited I am that we are getting doublers this Sunday!
I'm sure that there will be a lot of great deals but this one I just can't wait to do!

(3) $1.00/1 Sure Jell $1.79
(1) 5 lbs Sugar $2.69 (I called an this is what they told me)

-(3) $1.00 Sure Jell from 5/16 SS
-(3) Albertons doublers
-(1) $2.00 of any sugar when you buy 2 Sure Jell's (found at Albertsons)
Final price = .06
PLUS you will get back a $2.00 Catalina for buying 3 Sure Jell

This is a great little $1.94 money maker!
You also could roll this again and only use 1 Abertsons doubler and still only
pay .06 and get back another cat!

I love making jam and to get the Sure Jell and the Sugar Free will make the jam even better!


  1. So that coupon doesn't say what kind of sugar, you think I can get brown sugar? ;-)

  2. if that makes Scott happy I say go for it! The price of Brown sugar is a lot less so you could probably get a couple packages for the $2.00? I think It might be worth trying.

    I think will end up with 25 lbs of sugar when I'm done :)

  3. I'm for sure doing this one-I plan to do a lot more canning this summer-jam and salsa! So good to meet you, JoDee!

  4. You too Kris, I enjoyed chatting with you! Hey I would love to know how to make my own salsa do you have your own recipe?

  5. HaHa! I just got done telling Joelle that I need to find a better salsa recipe! I'm getting an updated canning cookbook soon, so I'll let you know.