Sunday, May 2, 2010

Albertson's Kellogg's Cereal Double Catalina

Well I was at Albertson's this morning probably like a lot of you trying to get some Capri Suns lol and I ran into a newbie couponer friend of mine and she told me that she had just bought 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal and that it printed out two catalina's one for $4.00 and one for $3.00. Well being the venturesome person I am I decided to try it here is what I got.

4 boxed of Mini Shredded Wheat $2.50 each
-(2) $1.50/2 from a recent RP or here
oop $7.00 (this is not a price I would normally pay but I thought if I get back the $7.00 in cats it would be a wash)
AND... a $4.00 and a $3.00 cat printed

I then did this tx 2 more times and the nice part was that I didn't even need doublers
4 boxed of Mini Shredded Wheat
-(2) $1.50/2 from a recent RP
- $7.00 in cats from 1st tx

I also did one tx with Fruit Loops and use the (2) 1/2 from here
and doubled one so it would end up being $7.00 so I could just pay with my cats the cashier was nice and adjusted my coupon down so the the total was 0. So if you need some cereal this works out to be a pretty good deal.

I then rolled this into the Arrowhead water deal that Happy2bfrugal posted and my OOP was only $4.98 and I got back the $5.00 Catalina. What a day!


  1. Hey off topic, but were those McCormik Taco seasonings .50 still or was that for last week? Just tried the deal at Fred Meyer and it was a bust! Stinken coupon beeped and she was not even able to push it thru (she was very nice!) Called Manager, she said it's because the item needed to be over a $1.00 . . . . anyway, needless to say, no Taco Seasoning on that order! :-(

  2. I'm asking if they were still .50 at Yokes?

  3. They still are 1/2 as far as I know they usually change on Wed. so I think you should be fine if you use them there. I had no problem at all so you should be good :)

  4. Cool, I will get them at Yokes when I hit the Library on Tuesday! :-) Will I look like a doof if I just buy 14 Taco Seasonings? Thanks friend!

  5. You ran circles around me today :) I might have to do the cereal deal when I go back for the water deal, and I should probably do it before my dh tells me that I cant buy anymore cereal for a while, I dont want to have to hide in my car ={

  6. lol Leah, I brought everything through the garage so the dh wouldn't see, pathetic I know, I have to sneak things in the house

  7. LOL, Leah was that a crack at me hiding cereal in the car? Hmmm before couponing I used to have to hide new clothes before Jeff got home now we are hiding food?

  8. :)~

    He can't say to much, he sneaks meat home all the time but does periodically decide to count the cereal boxes and will mention that 2 dozen boxes is probably enough for a while. I still have to sneak new shoes in, he started making me throw out a pair for every new pair he finds.