Sunday, May 2, 2010

Albertson's clearance carts

Also while my daughter and I were out there shopping till we dropped we spotted some clearance carts and this what we got.

1 box pearl tampax 18 count $2.00
1 box pearl tampax 36 count $3.00
2 boxes always pantiliners 40 count $1.50 each
1 Box always long pantiliners 34 count $1.00

-(2) $2.00 off pearl tampax 5/2 PG
-(3) $1.00 off always pads 5/2 PG
-(2) doublers
OOP was just tax of .78

So keep your eyes out they had carts in the front and the back of the store so keep your eyes peeled. I just love getting these things free!


  1. Curious, did they adjust your doubler down so you wouldn't get overage?

  2. no there was no overage the total was 9.00 and my coupons were 9.00. I did use a doubler today on something else and they did not adjust it down :)

  3. Right, no overage on your total, but there would have been overage on the box of $1.50 pads right? Double that one, $2.00 off - I think it would be really hard and time consuming for the cashier to be able to check out all that to adjust the doublers down. Who knows though, it will be interesting to see how that plays out!

  4. OIC yeah she didn't adjust it which was good for me!