Friday, May 7, 2010

Rite Aid Free Cover Girl

I decided that with Rite Aid having a BOGO sale on Covergirl Makeup and there being a BOGO coupon out there I would order some off of ebay. I only paid .40 each including shipping so a screaming deal!

2 Covergirl True blend coverup $9.99 each
2 Covergirl perfect point self sharpening eye pencil $5.99 each
2 2% milk $1.99 each
subtotal= $35.94

-(2) BOGO Free coupons
-(1) 5/20 from video values
-(2) BOGO from Rite Aid sale

The cashier adjusted one of my coupons down .07 so my total was ZERO she was so nice .. thanks Lynn :)
I absolutely love this store and Lynn (Indian Trail Store) has always been extremely helpful so I gave her one of my BOGO Covergirl coupons as a thank you for always being so patient and nice to me while I'm trying to save a buck.

Buying these coupons on ebay was well worth the money and I now have a great little stock pile for my girls.


  1. Can't use coupons on milk in PA, also all the Rite Aids got warnings from coporate about changing the price on coupons so this wouldn't be free here...