Friday, May 7, 2010

Old Time Coupons

When I went to Safeway today I saw these two coupons shoved way back on the shelf so I reached in and grabbed then. I was surprised to see that they were quite old and don't have an expiration date. One of them has a TV schedule on the back and the TV shows listed are Growing Pains, Too Close for Comfort, Price is Right at 7:00 LOL How old do you think these are? The Funny things is that I don't want to use them is that weird I alway want to use coupons :)

Update I just looked up the TV show Too Close for Comfort and it aired from 1980-1986 WOW even if this coupon was from 1986 it is at least 24 years old. Which is old in coupons years not people years of coarse!

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