Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Albertson and coupon policy changes coming!

I was at Albertsons late last night because I has a $3.00 cat that was expiring and I just couldn't bare to waste it. I got a few items and was looking around when I saw that they had their Kraft Single Melt Downs for $3.19 with a $2.00 manager special coupon on it and I knew we just got $1.00 in the 4/25 SS and of coarse I didn't have the coupon on me so I thought I would just go back in the morning. So after dropping of the kiddo's at school I went to the Indian Trail Albies and so my surprise they had marked down the Kraft Cheese to $1.67 and they still had the $2.00 manager special sticker on them. So I went to the front to pay for these but before I did I thought I would ask how this was going to work. The store director was the one that answered my question. He told me that me this "Well that makes them free but we can't pay you to take them lol". After I was done paying I said thanks for the help and then asked if he was new to this store he said he was. Then we started talking about coupons and Albies coupon policy. He told me that they are going to be changing their coupon policy in the middle of May and they are going to re-educate the checkers about doublers and overage. He said that they will no longer be allowing overage and gave me this scenario.

1 Cheese $1.69
-(1) 1.00 SS 4/25 cheese coupon
-(1) 1.00 doubler.
- money maker .31

Well this will NOT be allowed any longer, he said that they would only allow .69 for the doubler. They are really going to be watching for overage. He also told me that the Manufactures have notices a 16% increase in the amount of coupons being redeemed and that they are really watching what is being submitted for reimbursement.

This is just an FYI not to count on getting overage for future doublers. I can't remember what this Store Directors name was but he was extremely nice he did tell me he came from the Francis Nevada Store.


  1. Had to figure that was going to happen eventually :( Atleast they will still be doing doublers, I was wondering if they were going to stop now that they have that new shoppers card rewards program.

  2. Leah that a real possibility and would make me so sad. It actually takes a lot to get to the 5.00 reward mark 5000 points in 3 months I don't think I would make it. I did ask if they were going to be doublers soon and he said that they usually only have doublers if sales are down and they need the extra sales. Well I have not shopped there in 3 weeks and I'm sure there are a lot of other couponers that have not either so I'm crossing my fingers for Sunday!

  3. Seems like everyone is revamping their coupon policies these days. My aunt was in Walgreens yesterday and they were telling her they are really cracking down on Overages and coupons! So it must really hurt the stores, seems weird though, but who knows? I DID hear that Albies will have doublers on Sunday. That's good. I haven't stepped foot in Albies either for weeks. Sheesh, JoDee and I couldn't even muster up a good deal TOGETHER with last weeks conagra promo. I don't think I will do well with their rewards program. If it's anything like the Fred Meyers - I won't get squat as I don't spend enough there! They are way too expensive without doublers! I'd be curious to know if Albies notices a different in their sales without us couponers. Sometimes I feel like these stores think we are a pain in the butt, I just can't imagine that we aren't helping them! Crazy . . . I don't know why the manufactures are so suprised to see a rise in coupon redemption . . . with the economy. Anyway - off my soap box now!

  4. Oh - one last thing. I do believe that no matter how these stores change their coupon policies, we will still sniff out good deals! It's in the BLOOD now! ;-)

  5. Got to remember that they get back the money + a handling fee. Several managers at Yoke's have told me that they make money on MFRs.(.08/per coupon, no matter the coupon value). For every $1.00 coupon, that is 8%, and that is a higher profit margin then most of the loss leaders carry. We are a pain in the butt, they would prefer our cold hard cash, but they get it anyway, one way or another :)

    And, we got to eat, that is what grocery stores really bank on.