Friday, April 23, 2010

Rite Aid This is for the Chocoholics

I hate to admit it but.... Hello my name is JoDee and I'm a chocoholic! I love chocolate and I don't care who knows!

Ok here is my breakdown

(24) .50 each Hershy's Chocolate bars 1.45-1.55 oz
(10) .99 each Hershy's Big Chocolate bars 4.25 oz

(-12) B1G1 Free from the 4/18 SS
(-10) $1.00/1 from the 4/18 SS
(-1) 5/20 from watching video values
OOP .90 that's only .03 each!

Ok now for a funny story. I had my three youngest kids with me and as we are getting out of our car my envelope with all my coupons spills in the parking lot then a big gust of wind comes and there is a tornado of 22 coupons flooding the parking lot. I'm yelling to my kids "get the coupons get the coupons" we must have looked halarious as the checker was watching all of us scramble for the flying coupons. Needless to say I recovered all but 2 oh well the transaction still went well


  1. OMG, I laughed so hard imagining you running across the parking lot stomping your foot down on top of each of the coupons as the wind blew them away.

  2. Oh, I'm so copying this deal. lol

  3. I know it was funny! Oh buy the way they let me use the 1/1 on the bigger ones for the regular choc. since they only had one Special Dark left.

  4. What store did you go to? I will have to try and find one that still has some stock. Did you know that Spokane has a ring of couponers that clear out stores? LOL

  5. I went to the Indian Trail store so don't go there I think you should go to the one at the Y Lynn will be happy to help you there! I thought you were our ring leader LMAO

    Actually when I left there were plenty of small candy bars left and maybe 20 or more of the big ones!

  6. I heard that Spokane has this SCAM going on and this group of woman will ONLY shop at these stores when their coupons match up with the store sale!!! Can you imagine?? :-)