Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fred Meyer Mighty Dog

A Big thanks to Cyrstal at Frugal Chic Living for this deal! Also check out her link for 1/1 KC BBQ suace.

Mighty Dog x 30, $15.00
-$3.00/5 from 3/28 SmartSource x 5
-5 Free 5.5 oz Mighty Dog
=$2.50 Overage, Get back $3.00 Catalina
(tax on this was $1.31)
I did get back a $3.00 catalina so Yeah!

I used the 2 KC Master Piece BBQ sauces and Nutter Butter cookies for my overage my daughter was so excited that she got cookies!
I gave 25 of these cans to my super sweet neighbor who has a little dog. This is one of the many reasons


  1. I got all my coupons ready and made Scott go out and do this deal (I feel like dogpoop still)

    He got:

    30 cans of Mightydog (Your sweet little neighbor will have more!)
    4 boxes of Cheeze its
    1 Fiber one yogurt
    2 Take 7 gum (thanks again JoDee for those coupons)

    paid 1.80 oop and got back the $3.00 cat! :-)
    I forgot about the tax on the dogfood . . I would have bagged the gum, but oh well. You know how we love gum and $1.80 for the 4 bigger boxes of cheeze its alone is a great price!

  2. Awesome! Glad to hear they worked out the problems with that catalina!

  3. Way to go Joelle I love that Scott is so sweet and went for you!!

  4. Wow, I might do the deal for a shelter donation, plan on hitting Freddies tomarrow anyway. Going for the Kelloggs cat deal :)