Sunday, April 25, 2010


This was done in three transactions and my final OOP was $6.27. I also found a dollar in the parking lot which I did pay with so if you take that in to consideration my OOP was $5.27. Before coupons and Store savings this would have cost...$165.38

You can't see all of the Yuban coffee's in the picture but there is 3 total. I figure that if I bought one at regular price with no coupons it would be the same as buying everything in this picture. I don't know if that is a couponers logic or not lol

I'm not going to do a complete break down because it is really similar to my previous post but thought I would share any way.

3 Yuban coffee's
4 Healthy Choice dinners
3 Yoplait Delights
1 Fiber one Yogurt
3 Biquick
1 7-up
2 Delimex
3 Betty Crocker Delights
2 Star Bucks Ice Cream
9 Hamburger Helpers
3 Betty Crocker Scalloped Potato's
1 Cottage Cheese
1 bunch tomatoes
1 Head Lettuce
2 Apples
5 Kraft Mayo
6 Green Giant Frozen boxed veggies
1 bunch grapes
1 Dannon yogurt


  1. Great deals! How much was the mayo? I forgot to look while I was there.

  2. It was 3.99 not that great of a price but only .99 after ecoupons and paper coupon from safeway book.