Friday, April 23, 2010

Yeah Safeway AGAIN

I just want to say thanks to Joelle for this deal she gave me the coupons for this one.

(4) Scrubbing Bubbles 6.99 each

(-4) $5.00 from the 4/11 SS
- 10.00 from previous catalina's


Then get back (4) $3.00 and (1) $4.00 catalina's
thats $16.00 in cats so a $15.63 money maker.


  1. Too much fun tonight!!! :-) Thanks for the laughs . . . . love ya my friend!

  2. Did you two go shopping without me???? I'm so jealous if you did.

  3. Michele, we swapped coupons tonight and I thought we were supposed to meet at Safeway at Francis and Joelle went to NW Blvd. This is the second time this has happened to us we are so air heady it might be all the coupons deals we are all getting lately!

    Joelle it was a good laugh we are so much alike! Hey I noticed your nice wallet where did you get it LOL!

  4. Yeah Michele - we are quite the DUO - can't even manage to meet up at the right store (TWICE NOW!) Sheesh! We did pull off some killer deals this week though! That's all that matters right?

    I can't believe that we got the same wallet . . the first time we go out - we both have these old crappy wallets that won't even zip up!! We decide to order new ones off this website. Last night we pull out the exact same wallet - color and all!! Well, chock it up to "Great minds . . . "