Saturday, April 24, 2010

A New Show The Marriage Ref *This episode is a must See*

Ok if you love couponing like I do and your spouse complains about how much time you spend on it or that he doesn't want to go to the grocery store again with you then you need to watch this episode of the Marriage Ref. My husband about fell off the couch laughing. I thought it was quite funny too . Guess who won the argument hehehehe!

Just copy and paste this link: one of the judges is Donald Trump and this aired on 4/23

Let me what you think, but I think we would all prefer if our husband didn't go with us when we do our "transactions".

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  1. I watched this one and was cracking up too. I agree w/you though about the dh going shopping with me. For what ever reason, he will start questioning me about if I am using the coupons correctly and has been outright confrontational with me at times. So, he stays home, I still make him carry in the groceries though :)~