Friday, April 30, 2010

Rite Aid

My daughter was so excited to get some new sunglasses!

I went to Rite Aid to score some cheap Foster Grant Sunglasses and this is what I got.

1 pair of Adult Sunlgasses $17.99
1 pair of kiddo glasses $6.99
plus some very old stale easter peeps not shown because I ate them on the way home!
Total= $25.25

- $10.00 instantly if you buy Sunglasses $17.99 or more
-(2) $5.00 off from video values from Rite Aid Web Site
-(1) 5/20 off also from Video values
=.15 plus .87 in tax

The cool part is that Rite Aid is offer Single Check Rebates of $2.00 maximum of 2. So really this was a $2.98 moneymaker!

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