Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fred Meyer

I went back to Fred Meyer's today to make a little money!

I did 9 separate transactions for the Betty Crocker Potato's

3 Betty Crocker Potato Pouches
(-1) 1/2 found on product
(-1) .40 printable from Betty

OOP .97 and get back a $3.00 Catalina

I chose to do all 9 transactions in a row with out adding extra grocery's due to my time limit so when I was finished with the potato transactions I had $27.00 in Cat's and my OOP was 8.73

Then I went and got the rest of the grocery's in the picture (I also bought apples not in picture) OOP $1.71 after $27.00 in Cat's I splurged a little on the steak at $2.99 lb but I just felt like steak for dinner! All in all I felt pretty good about my OOP. ( I took half of these potato's to my best friend who is a single mom I love to help her out when I can)


  1. How did you get them to take the $1/2 coupon? It said not good on pouches. You got lucky with that one.

  2. Oh my goodness I didn't even look to see what it said I guess I assumed it was on any. The coupon didn't even beep when the cashier scanned it. So I guess I did get lucky. But now I feel a little bad :(

  3. Are you crazy? Don't feel bad. Fredmeyer is going to get reimbursed. You just scored an awesome deal. I just happened to go shopping without the kids and had a chance to read the fine print. lol